We have three large lodges complete with kitchens, balconies, and common areas. Papa Bear and Lone Star sleep 34 and have a meeting room in the basement, while Mama Bear sleeps 24. The Holly Berry dorm sleeps twenty and has two private rooms with full-sized beds and a full kitchen. The Woodland Vine sleeps twenty-four. There are twenty small cabins that sleep 6 people; these cabins are arranged in clusters that allow for more intimate social settings around a bonfire pit. Each of our three clusters has a bathhouse and restroom facilities. Additionally, there are three one-room cabins with double beds, full bath, sitting areas, mini fridges and microwaves, and one two-bedroom cabin with a kitchen that sleeps ten, the Buffalo House.

You can view a map of the camp layout here (not to scale).
Papa Bear
Interior of Papa Bear
Exterior of Mama Bear
Interior of Mountain Stream Cabin
Sample bunk beds in the Bear Cabin Cluster
Interior of Mountain Stream Cabin
Bed in Mountain Stream Cabin
Exterior of Papa Bear
Sample bathroom in Papa Bear
Small cabin (one in a group)
Common area of Lone Star
Exterior of one of the cabins in the Bear Cabin Cluster
Interior of Lone Star